Optimas J230

Optimas J230

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Command protocal is based on ESC/POS standard
Low-noise printing.
Various Layouts are possible by using page mode.
Repeated operation and copy printing are possible.
Character font size(9*9/7*9/16*16 font)optional.
Easy paper-roll installation.
Easy paper jam clearance.
Easy maintenance for tasks such as head cleaning.
Built-in interface provides control capability for cash drawer.
Support 2 colors printing / Ribbon ERC-39 (Black/Red)


*Print method: 9-Pin serial impact dot-matrix printing
Support 2 colors printing
*Print speed: 4.5 Lines/ sec. 
*Paper width: 75.5±0.5mm        
*Print columns: 400dots/line
*Print character: ANK Character
Font A: 9*9 dots 
Font B: 7*9 dots 
Simplify/Traditional:16*16 dots
*Language: English
*Interface:Serial (optional: Ethernet)
*Reliability print: 10 Million Lines
*Power supply: DC 24V
*Cash Drawer: DC 12-24V/1A 
*Temperature: 0~50ºC  
*Paper thickness: 0.06~0.08mm 
*Dampness: 10~80%
*Drivers: Win9x/WinME/ Win2000/WinNT/ WinXP,
compatible with EPSON,SAMSUNG
*Print command: compatible with ESC/POS
*External dimension:155*255*150mm( W*D*H)


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