Quorion Qorder Handheld Application (Android Based)

Quorion Qorder Handheld Application (Android Based)

QUORiON’s QOrder is a hardware independent portable ordering system that runs the complete QMP POS software on Android devices. Essentially, it serves as an extension of your QUORiON POS system within your restaurant. Pick the Android device that best suits your business, whether it’s a 4“ cell phone or 10“ tablet! Buy a license for each device, install the application, and register. Done. Best of all, if you are familiar with the QMP POS software, there is no need for you to re-learn anything, because you will already know how to use it. Save on equipment investments. Save on installation costs. Maximize productivity.

How does your restaurant benefit from a portable ordering system?

It allows your service team to better coordinate its effort and places the emphasis back on its clientele. Fast ordering, quick service, and happy customers are your key benefits. As a result, you literally profit from time saved on communication, fewer service trips by staff, greater table turn over, and repeat visits.


  • Modern Software for Mobile Devices (App)
    • Easy to install, no special know-how required
    • Complete QMP POS software implementation for Android OS
    • Auto-Synch prices and configuration data from POS systems
    • No training time required for a separate ordering system
    • State-of-the-art and intuitive touch screen interface
  • Hardware-Independent
    • Runs on all smartphones and tablet with Android OS version 1.6 and higher
    • Independently buy platform that best suits your business needs
    • Large display, long battery life
    • Simple, intuitive, low cost of ownership
    • Elegant, smooth design, yet sturdy for everyday use
  • Utilization of World-Wide Accepted WIFI Standards
    • Operates with standardized PC components such as router and access point
    • Components of ordering system are available everywhere
    • Worry-free integration with existing LAN/WLAN networks
    • Seamless integration between device and POS system



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